No Time Like The Present

I didn’t get my first cell phone until years after my friends had them. I joined Facebook for work 2 years ago, and was shocked to find that pretty much everyone in the world was already happily poking away. It wasn’t until last summer that I owned a car with power windows.

I guess now’s the time to start a blog too. I’ve kept journals my whole life, but recently, the months and years between when I put pen to paper have become longer and longer. Since I spend half my time in front of this pink Dell laptop anyway…well, here I am.

I am a pretty ordinary chick, I turned 31 this year, and am currently in a “restorative” phase, as life has thrown some curveballs the past few years. When things get a little stressful, I tend to turn to my crochet hooks and deadly stash of yarn.

Lately, I’ve been hooking away like crazy.  What a fun, addictive way to keep the hands and mind busy while focusing your energy on something creative and beautiful.  MUCH more fun than worrying about the giant cell phone bill, or student loan payments!

Today, I plan to finish sewing in the ends of my latest endorphin-boosting beauty, this pillow cover inspired by my new favorite blogger (well, new to me, Lucy’s been bloggin’ & hookin’ for awhile now!), Lucy at Attic 24. Her use of color is so inspiring.  So often I reach for muted earth tones, similar to the color clothes like to wear.  But the burst of happy your system gets from combining all the prettiest colors in the world to display in your home is priceless.   Check out this adorable little sucker, made from 100% pure cotton:

LOVE IT!!  Would probably finish it faster if I didn’t keep stopping to admire it’s cuteness.


3 responses to “No Time Like The Present

  1. What kind of yarn? This is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. thank you so much Jami!! It’s all Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. Best part? I love it. Worst part? Sewing in all the ends.

  3. I bet. I am making the same thing with Debbie Bliss pure cotton. It is fun and fast. Check it out on my blog. I can’t wait to see more pictures of yours!

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