Finally…a day off!

Crochet has taken a back seat to work and sleep lately…and what’s worse, I got my very first sewing machine last week and have been too pooped to do anything but stare at it. Well, that’s a lie. I fired it up prematurely, promptly got the thread (and fabric) stuck into the bottom (the feed dogs?). Was devastated, but needless to say, I now know how to open my machine, clean it, and put it back together. All is fine now!

I have this gloriously rainy Monday off, and got to play with my new toy today. First on the agenda was making a cozy for Buster (the new machine’s name) out of some dollar store bandanas that have been sitting in my craft box for about 3 years. It’s horrific. I didn’t use a pattern, or any measurements. Just my eyes.

I love it.


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