Totally Addicted

little bag

Originally uploaded by DeadliestStash

…to my sewing machine!

My yarn is feeling the neglect. Don’t worry little yarn balls, I’ll be back post haste. Especially since today is the first real day it feels like Fall in New York. Also known as “yarn weather.”

The boyf and I have another hellacious week at work ahead, so today will be spent relaxing as much as possible and probably lots of pizza. He’s doing gadgety things with his computer, and I’m doing sewy things with Buster 🙂

Here’s where all my obsessive craft hoarding is coming in handy. I’ve had that zipper sitting in a drawer for probably about 5 years. Didn’t even know it was there (along with some purse handles). I just went digging in another drawer and found a brand new pack of snap closures. I’m excited (and afraid) for what I’ll find on my next search.

I think next up for me and Buster the wonder machine will be a needle book….then pizza…then an ipod cozy…rounded out by an online game of Super Mario Kart Wii with my brother and my cousin. Laziest day ever? YUP!

**AWESOME tutorial for the little pouch above can be found here at three bears blog.


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