Monthly Archives: December 2010

What a difference a lens makes

I took this picture with boyf’s camera yesterday, a Panosonic Lumix, and I can’t stop staring at it:

It’s these!


The Button Foot Saved My Morning

I’ve been streaming episodes of Parks & Recreation (thank you Netflix) in my messy craft corner. Yesterday, I finished all but the button on a wrap around coffee cup cozy. I hate sewing buttons. Hate, hate, hate it. In order to force myself to complete the final task in this adorable project, I cleared the desk, and left myself the cozy, a needle, and some thread before I went to bed so I’d have no choice but to get it done when I went in there today.

Then I had a stroke of genius. Why don’t I check the sewing machine manual?

Turns out, there’s an app for that. I mean, there’s a foot for that. I have become quite comfortable with the zipper foot, but the other ones are still un-sampled.

Till today.

The instructions were pretty simple (the button foot is the blue one), and within minutes, my cozy was complete, and I didn’t have to hand sew NUTHIN’.  It was a test-run for the one I plan to make my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas, and I love the way it came out.  The lining is a soft pink flannel with white polka dots.  Tres girly.

Eye Pillow Factory

I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Instead of getting a couple new things listed in my shop, I spent time not at the computer, but here in my favorite corner of the cramped apartment:

Please excuse the mess.

I made a LOT of eye pillows this week.  I used long grain rice, and some lavender essential oil.  All 8 that I made were spoken for as Christmas gifts for the students in my office, my chiropractor, my friend, my boyfriend, AND myself, but I will definitely get those more of those suckers made right quick and up for sale because they are a dream come true at bedtime!  I wrapped up each one in craft paper, and then stitched it closed with a straight stitch set to the longest length I had.  The gift tags I made on my computer and just printed out with some card stock and looped some red cotton yarn through.  Cute, right? 😀 I hope everyone likes them.

Sewing up a storm

I have had the past 3 blissful days off from work, and have been at the sewing table almost the entire time. No, not the kitchen sink, where a pile of dirty dishes awaits, but in my favorite corner of the house, the one with all the ribbon, fabric and yarn.

Will be photographing tonight, and then listing in my Shop by tomorrow!