The Button Foot Saved My Morning

I’ve been streaming episodes of Parks & Recreation (thank you Netflix) in my messy craft corner. Yesterday, I finished all but the button on a wrap around coffee cup cozy. I hate sewing buttons. Hate, hate, hate it. In order to force myself to complete the final task in this adorable project, I cleared the desk, and left myself the cozy, a needle, and some thread before I went to bed so I’d have no choice but to get it done when I went in there today.

Then I had a stroke of genius. Why don’t I check the sewing machine manual?

Turns out, there’s an app for that. I mean, there’s a foot for that. I have become quite comfortable with the zipper foot, but the other ones are still un-sampled.

Till today.

The instructions were pretty simple (the button foot is the blue one), and within minutes, my cozy was complete, and I didn’t have to hand sew NUTHIN’.  It was a test-run for the one I plan to make my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas, and I love the way it came out.  The lining is a soft pink flannel with white polka dots.  Tres girly.


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