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Peachy Day

It seems like Etsy has made an awesome update and now tells you in your Activity Feed if you’ve been featured in a treasury.  That’s how I knew this morning when I logged on that my Crochet Cotton Coasters were featured in the TreasureMeTeam’s “Peachy Dreams” treasury!

I’m totally flattered.  Check out the gorgeous collection below:

‘Peachy Dreams’ by TreasureMeTeam

Pink Peach Duo Flow…


Peach Flowers with …


Peach Crochet Boler…


Stack of Elephants …


Peach Necklace Ster…


Dancing Princess – …


Great Gift Custom P…


Mix Tape Tee


NzLbags Handmade – …


Set of 6 light oran…


Wedding Party Tutu …


Ginger Peach . soli…


that was just a dre…


P.S. I Love You – H…


Peach Puff curly mu…


Cotton Crochet Coas…


Treasury tool is sponsored by


Snow Day

In case you hadn’t heard, the northeast is getting slammed with weather this year, and we had our 7th snowstorm of the season last night.  About a foot of snow was dropped on top of the existing snow piles.  Snow piles which had become dirty and dingy, and look so pretty again with the fresh coating.

I work at a university, and we were closed today, so when I opened the window this morning, I didn’t mind seeing this:

First, I had to try and get out the front door…

…and down the snowed-over steps:


there’s our little Christmas tree!…buried.  I heard they’re not picking them up until February this year:

Ok, then insert hours of shoveling, sweeping, snow-blowing, and fast forward to my stroll through the neighborhood:

there’s a van parked on the other side of that driveway’s snow mound:

strange and wonderful little suburban forest:

the elementary school playground:

I started to make my way back home, I just had to get past this mountain (we’re at the end of the dead end – notice the sign almost completely buried!):

Now, off to take 2 more Advil and reheat my heating pad.  Oh, and maybe a hot toddie 🙂

My Favorite Creation

In early 2005, life kind of blew for me.  I had just moved back into my parent’s house after breaking up with a long term boyfriend, was flat broke, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.  I spent a lot (read: tons) of time re-discovering my crochet hooks, having been abandoned for a few years prior.  Up until that point, I had not made anything that wasn’t perfectly geometric, and was pretty much rocking the single and double crochet like it was my job.  Circles?  Mmm…sometimes.  But they were wonky.

Well, anyway.  I crocheted a lot in those 3 years I was back at my parent’s.  Looking back at how much personal turmoil I had during that time, I can really see how my anxiety, fear, and loneliness giving me every reason to keep my hands (and my my mind) busy.  I decided to teach myself how to read more complex patterns, and with my crochet mentor (my mom) being just downstairs, I can say the time I spent crocheting, and doing yarn-themed things with my mom were the best times in those stupid dark days.  These days, I’m still crocheting up a storm, but I noticed that I work with brighter colors.  Happy hands want to play with happy colors 🙂

It was 2007.  These were the first pair of fingerless gloves I attempted, and my word did they drive me nuts sometimes.  I had never worked with something as small as an F hook, and I have pretty big hands.   Owie.  But I just kept looking at the book’s photo of the beautiful finished project and I forged ahead (I think I also have a botched 3rd sibling to this pair stuffed in a bin somewhere…).  I am so glad that I did, and now, I’m not afraid of any pattern.  Ever.  Cause I know I’ll figure it out eventually.  In fact, I think I should call these my Confidence Mitts, cause that’s what they give me!

I still wear these from September through March, and when I take them off, I put them right in my purse, because I’m always afraid I’ll lose them.  I just…love them.  They are 100% merino wool, super soft, and could probably do with a washing, now that I see these pictures of when they were so brand-y new.  Yikes.

Ahahahahaa, I just noticed that I had this next photo tagged as “my Sistine Chapel” in Picasa.

the finished project…cue Golden Girls theme song…

edited to add: the pattern is from Debbie Stoller’s “The Happy Hooker.” I’ve made quite a few items from this book.  The only bad thing I can say is that the binding on mine cracked after not very long, and now is hanging on for dear life.  Sad face.

I’ll Tumble For Ya

I signed up for a Tumblr account tonight.  I don’t know why, and it took me a minute to get the point of it, but so far, seems pretty fun.  So, if you’re so inclined, follow me there too!  I figured I’d use it as a corkboard of things I find interesting, and are too important to just bookmark in my toolbar.  So, basically, utterly groundbreaking stuff like THIS.

In honor of Deadliest Stash’s debut on yet another social network, please enjoy the following song.

I dare you not to dance:

Nice Ending to a Blah Day

Today was blah.   But then…

I got a wonderful notification from Shelley, proprietor of Sam’s Stuff (check out her shop on Etsy!) letting me know that she posted a treasury, “Lavender Fields,” and guess who’s got a featured item in it?  That’s right…this girl right here!  Check out the beautiful collection HERE or click over to the article on Handmadeology.

I am so excited.  I love making stuff, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.  It’s therapeutic, it’s exciting to do something I’ve never done before, and when I can make something that I would have otherwise spent money on in a store, well, my heart just about sings.  But when someone else likes what you put your heart into just as much as you do, it’s even better.   I will fall asleep (under my own eye pillow) with a smile on my face tonight.

Here’s the little guy that cut the mustard 🙂

Patchy Pillows

I read my Google Reader almost everyday, and envy the folks who update their blogs daily.  I am not as diligent, or as I see it, not as interesting.  Wa wa waaaaa.

I spent pretty much my entire winter vacation from work either on the couch, or at the sewing machine, and it was glorious. Almost everyone I know got a partly home made gift, and I feel like I saved quite a bit of money doing it this way.  Wahoo!

Now, I’m on to making my own home pretty.  Starting with PILLOWS!  Here are two that I made last weekend.  I’ve got a third started, most of the quilt blocks are done, I just need to put it all together, and that will be my reward for a day of cleaning and organizing on this lazy Sunday.  That beautiful blue and brown crochet blanket you see on the chair was a gift from my mom!  Isn’t it beautiful?!  It’s so soft.   I’ve admired it as she’s been working on it this year, so I was so surprised and happy to find it under the Christmas tree for me!!