Snow Day

In case you hadn’t heard, the northeast is getting slammed with weather this year, and we had our 7th snowstorm of the season last night.  About a foot of snow was dropped on top of the existing snow piles.  Snow piles which had become dirty and dingy, and look so pretty again with the fresh coating.

I work at a university, and we were closed today, so when I opened the window this morning, I didn’t mind seeing this:

First, I had to try and get out the front door…

…and down the snowed-over steps:


there’s our little Christmas tree!…buried.  I heard they’re not picking them up until February this year:

Ok, then insert hours of shoveling, sweeping, snow-blowing, and fast forward to my stroll through the neighborhood:

there’s a van parked on the other side of that driveway’s snow mound:

strange and wonderful little suburban forest:

the elementary school playground:

I started to make my way back home, I just had to get past this mountain (we’re at the end of the dead end – notice the sign almost completely buried!):

Now, off to take 2 more Advil and reheat my heating pad.  Oh, and maybe a hot toddie 🙂


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