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Busy behind the scenes

I have been very busy lately – both at work, and working at home, behind the scenes, on my Etsy shop, which is ridiculously exciting.  Just checking in here, saying hi to heaven-knows-who, and I hope to share a very exciting development with you very soon!


Dog Days Are Just Beginning

Florence and her Machine should write a song about that.

About to get into what is sure to be my busiest season yet at the day job, and I anticipate much less free time in my life, so before that happened, I thought it was time to get something launched I’ve been meaning to do for a long time:

My new Facebook Fanpage!

Wintry Mix

First of all.  “Wintry Mix” sounds like something dreamy, like the inside of a snow globe.  What’s happening outside is actually just cold rain, and is keeping me wrapped in this bathrobe and drinking coffee way longer than I should be.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, BUT, I’ve got to get to the supermarket.  I promised my “little” 28 year old brother cupcakes for his birthday party tonight.

Anyway…although I am really loving the way NY looks with all this snow (the beauty of it far outweighs the inconvenience), I find myself thinking of a sunnier time on the Island.  A deck in Greenport in the middle of August, with a fresh-brewed blueberry Keurig, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Barefoot.

Oh, and staring at this treasury from TheMayFlower (I love her shop!) isn’t helping to get me moving.  Doh!

Snow Day

In case you hadn’t heard, the northeast is getting slammed with weather this year, and we had our 7th snowstorm of the season last night.  About a foot of snow was dropped on top of the existing snow piles.  Snow piles which had become dirty and dingy, and look so pretty again with the fresh coating.

I work at a university, and we were closed today, so when I opened the window this morning, I didn’t mind seeing this:

First, I had to try and get out the front door…

…and down the snowed-over steps:


there’s our little Christmas tree!…buried.  I heard they’re not picking them up until February this year:

Ok, then insert hours of shoveling, sweeping, snow-blowing, and fast forward to my stroll through the neighborhood:

there’s a van parked on the other side of that driveway’s snow mound:

strange and wonderful little suburban forest:

the elementary school playground:

I started to make my way back home, I just had to get past this mountain (we’re at the end of the dead end – notice the sign almost completely buried!):

Now, off to take 2 more Advil and reheat my heating pad.  Oh, and maybe a hot toddie 🙂