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Wintry Mix

First of all.  “Wintry Mix” sounds like something dreamy, like the inside of a snow globe.  What’s happening outside is actually just cold rain, and is keeping me wrapped in this bathrobe and drinking coffee way longer than I should be.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, BUT, I’ve got to get to the supermarket.  I promised my “little” 28 year old brother cupcakes for his birthday party tonight.

Anyway…although I am really loving the way NY looks with all this snow (the beauty of it far outweighs the inconvenience), I find myself thinking of a sunnier time on the Island.  A deck in Greenport in the middle of August, with a fresh-brewed blueberry Keurig, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Barefoot.

Oh, and staring at this treasury from TheMayFlower (I love her shop!) isn’t helping to get me moving.  Doh!