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Sick Day

Stayed home from work today after waking up feeling like I was on a dinghy in the middle of a stormy sea.  Blech.

Tied to the sofa, I was able to tweak the photos for some new items I listed this past weekend.  What do you think?  I am really having fun with Etsy.  It’s awesome!  I made my fifth sale this weekend, to my dear friend Scott, who purchased 2 sets of my crochet coasters.  The rainbow ones are my absolute favorite, and I am so strangely relieved and overjoyed that they’re going to be in the home of someone I love, and actually know.  Your package shipped this weekend Scott, you should be resting your beverages in style by the end of this week!


Dog Days Are Just Beginning

Florence and her Machine should write a song about that.

About to get into what is sure to be my busiest season yet at the day job, and I anticipate much less free time in my life, so before that happened, I thought it was time to get something launched I’ve been meaning to do for a long time:

My new Facebook Fanpage!

What a difference a lens makes

I took this picture with boyf’s camera yesterday, a Panosonic Lumix, and I can’t stop staring at it:

It’s these!

Eye Pillow Factory

I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Instead of getting a couple new things listed in my shop, I spent time not at the computer, but here in my favorite corner of the cramped apartment:

Please excuse the mess.

I made a LOT of eye pillows this week.  I used long grain rice, and some lavender essential oil.  All 8 that I made were spoken for as Christmas gifts for the students in my office, my chiropractor, my friend, my boyfriend, AND myself, but I will definitely get those more of those suckers made right quick and up for sale because they are a dream come true at bedtime!  I wrapped up each one in craft paper, and then stitched it closed with a straight stitch set to the longest length I had.  The gift tags I made on my computer and just printed out with some card stock and looped some red cotton yarn through.  Cute, right? 😀 I hope everyone likes them.


My Etsy Shop is FINALLY alive!  I have had a chaotic work schedule, but have finally, and I repeat FINALLY found time to photograph at least a few of the items in the stash and get them listed for my first ever jump into the Etsy sellers world.  WOO HOO!